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Beginner Books: Beginner Books are known to use only the 379 words, considered the basic vocabulary for young readers, which Cerf compiled with only twenty new words allowed per book.
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Diriamba: Diriamba is home to three principal churches, one of them being La Basilica de San Sebastian, the foundation stone was laid out in 1891, but the Basilica inaugurated until 1939. Other important landmarks are the clock tower and the former site of the El Aguacate hydroelectric dam, now simply a waterfall.
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Thomas Hendricks Sr: Hendricks, Thomas (1773-1835) was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1773. He was the brother of William Hendricks and father of Abram Hendricks, the uncle of William Hendricks Jr, Thomas Andrews Hendricks and Abram W. Hendricks.
List of former child actors from Germany: This is a list of former child actors from Germany. These actors were aged 17 or less at the time they started acting but are currently 18 or over. The list also includes deceased child actors.
West Portal, San Francisco, California: West Portal is a principal shopping street for much of southwestern San Francisco, California, and is also considered a neighborhood itself. Named for the western terminus of the Muni tunnel beneath Twin Peaks that opened in 1918, the street (West Portal Avenue) and adjacent district is still dominated by the frequent trundlings of the three Muni Metro lines (K, L and M) that emerge from the subway to run in the street median. The ride in the subway from West Portal to downtown/Union Square is about fifteen to twenty minutes.
Pariah: Pariah, (Tamil language) or Paraya in Malayalam, is the name of the Pariah caste of Indian Hindu society. The word has gained widespread use as an analogy, especially in the phrases "social pariah" and "pariah nation" or "pariah state", as a term for anyone considered an outcast, isolated, or different by others. The word is considered to be offensive to the Pariahs (Pariah drummers). More recently, they have taken to calling themselves Sambavas.
Emergency Task Force (TPS): The ETF also has a close working relationship with other police tactical teams in the Greater Toronto Area, such as the York Regional Police Emergency Response Unit (ERU), the Durham Regional Police Tactical Support Unit (TSU) and the Peel Regional Police Tactical and Rescue Unit (TRU).
6157 Prey: 6157 Prey (1991 RX2) is a Main-belt Asteroid discovered on September 9, 1991 by L. D. Schmadel and F. Borngen at Tautenburg.
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Benton Township, Hocking County, Ohio: Benton Township is one of the eleven townships of Hocking County, Ohio, United States. The 2000 census found 814 people in the township.[3]
Crack dot Com: Crack dot Com was a computer game development company. The company was co-founded by ex-id Software programmer Dave Taylor, and Jonathan Clark.
In My Blood (En Mi Sangre): All tracks written by Paul Isola, Danny Felice, Pedro Caparros López & Stuart Cavilla.
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Ratardinae: Callosiope banghaasi Hering, 1925 Ratarda flavimargo Hering, 1925[2] Ratarda formosana Matsumura, 1921 Ratarda furvivestita Hampson Ratarda guttifera Hering, 1925 Ratarda javanica Roepke, 1937 Ratarda marmorata Moore, 1879 Ratarda melanoxantha Hering, 1925 Ratarda mora Hering, 1925 Ratarda tertia Strand, 1916 Ratarda monstrosa Strand, 1916 Ratarida excellens (Strand, 1917) (originally in Shisa) Sumatratarda diehlii Kobes and Ronkay, 1990.
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Menlo College: The sprawling campus is on the border of affluent Atherton and Menlo Park, and is adjacent to its former partner institution, Menlo School.
Cadwaladr: Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon (c. 633–682, reigned from about 655) (Latin: Catuvelladurus; English: Cadwallader), also known as Cadwaladr Fendigaid ('the Blessed') was a king of Gwynedd. According to the Historia Brittonum he "reigned among the Britons" as high king. Later Welsh legend and prophecy (including the 10th Century prophetic poem Armes Prydain) regarded him as the promised deliverer, who would one day return to lead the Brythons to victory against the Saxons (a role which Arthur and especially Owain would later assume, although Cadwaladr never entirely lost his place in the Welsh prophetic tradition of the later Middle Ages). Geoffrey of Monmouth included him in his Historia Regum Britanniae (xii,14) as the last in the line of legendary Kings of the Britons. His supposed standard, the red dragon, was later adopted by Henry VII of England, founder of the Tudor dynasty , who claimed descent from Cadwaladr, and today forms the basis for y Ddraig Goch.
Dr. McKenna Cup: Although Tyrone won the final, beating Donegal by 2-09 to 0-05, Tyrone were stripped of their title for fielding the ineligible University players in the match. The players had not been listed on the official team sheet, which was another breach of the rules.[9]. However, Tyrone's victory was reinstated upon appeal.[10]
Hinckley, Minnesota: When European settlers came to Hinckley area it was a heavily forested area with thick forests of white pine, some of the largest in the state. The first railroad arrived in Hinckley in 1869 and so began a logging and railroad expansion. The town was known as “Central Station” by the railroads because of its position halfway between the Twin Port of Duluth and Superior as well as the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. It was renamed in 1870 after Isaac Hinckley, president of the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad. The town was officially incorporated in 1885. By 1894, Hinckley was a prosperous community with an estimated population nearing 2,000. It had everything needed to serve residents and the fast expanding lumber industry.
Battle of Yanling: The Battle of Yanling (鄢陵之戰) was fought in 575 BC between the armies of Chu and Jin at Yanling in ancient China during the Spring and Autumn Period. The Chu army was in poor condition. The Jin attacked the flanks of the Chu knowing that the best Chu troops were in the centre. This tactic resulted in a Jin victory.
Roman Catholic Diocese of Wa: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Wa {Latin: Vaën(sis) } is a diocese located in the city of Wa in the Ecclesiastical province of Tamale in Ghana.
3 Chains o' Gold (film): The film was accompanied by the Love Symbol album, however not all of the album's songs make an appearance in the film, and some of the songs are edited versions. The film's title song is only an instrumental at the end. However, some of the dialogue from the album does appears in the film (a phone call from a reporter to Prince). Interestingly, the final speech of the film (made by Mayte) does not appear on the album, instead another phone call is in its place. The actual songs that appear in the film are:
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