Stadsfries: The language also has typical West Frisian words that don't exist in that (sense) in Dutch, usually this concerns domestic words and words from the mainly Frisian language agricultural sector. Examples:
Pablo Antonio Vega Mantilla: Pablo Antonio Vega Mantilla (August 17, 1919 – November 14, 2007) was the Roman Catholic Bishop of Juigalpa, Nicaragua, from April 30, 1991 until October 29, 1993. He then served as the Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Juigalpa until his death on November 14, 2007.
Pebblebrook High School: Pebblebrook has had two campuses in its history. The first at the original Lindley Middle School building on Pebblebrook Circle, the second at its current location(991 Old Alabama Road). The school has two gyms: the John Morgan III building(commonly called "The Dungeon" by students), and the Kay Jackson Gym building. Pebblebrook's undersized cafeteria and media center were recently rebuilt, creating a large amphitheater and new courtyard between the new Fine Arts facility and the cafeteria/media center extension. There are seemingly seven(or more) buildings on the campus, although the main building has been added onto multiple times, making the actual building count about five.
National Air and Space Museum Film Archive: The National Air and Space Museum Film Archive, holds over 15,000 films documenting aerospace history. The earliest item in the collection is a 1909 test flight of the Wright Military Flyers at Ft. Myer, Virginia.
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Sterling P. Strong: Sterling Price Strong (August 17, 1862 - March 28, 1936) was a U.S. Representative from Texas.
Joílson Rodrigues da Silva: Joílson Rodrigues da Silva is a Brazilian football striker.
Microtonal musicians: Microtonal musicians use tuning systems other than 12-tone equal temperament, or whatever the standard tuning for their culture is.
Osaka Business Park Station: There are an island platform and 2 tracks underground. The platform is located the deepest of all the stations on Osaka Municipal Subway.
Pupu Tupuna: Pupu Tupuna is a series of Finnish children's books by the Finnish author Pirkko Koskimies.
Walker Air Force Base: In January 1954, the Boeing KC-97 aerial tanker replaced the aging KB-29Ms, and the wing entered the jet age in June 1955 when it received the first all-jet bomber: the Boeing B-47 Stratojet.
Friends of the Vermont State House: The Friends of the Vermont State House have raised and spent well over a million dollars on the building's restoration. Funding comes from membership, individual contributions, sale of books and items in the their gift shop "Under the Dome," and through special events, many held in the State House. The Friends receive major funding from Cabot Creamery Cooperative, National Life Group, The Preservation Trust of Vermont, and Rock of Ages.
Global File System: GFS has no disconnected operating-mode, and no client or server roles. All nodes in a GFS cluster function as peers. System administrators often use Fibre Channel, iSCSI, or AoE devices for GFS shared storage. Using GFS in a cluster requires a lock manager plug-in like GULM, a server based lock manager which implements redundancy via failover, or a Distributed Lock Manager (DLM) which is the current preferred approach. There is also a "nolock" lock manager which can be used in single node deployments when GFS acts just like any other local filesystem. GFS comes as free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.[1][2]
Anarchist symbolism: Africa · Austria · Brazil · Canada China · Cuba · England · France Greece · India · Ireland · Israel Italy · Japan · Korea · Mexico Poland · Russia · Spain · Sweden Turkey · Ukraine · USA · Vietnam
Remember When the Music: Remember When the Music is a posthumously produced album by the American singer/songwriter Harry Chapin, released in 1987. Produced on CD and cassette tape, it contained the same tracks as the album, Sequel which was the last complete album released during Harry's lifetime, plus two previously unreleased tracks, "Hokey Pokey" and "Oh Man". The order of the first four tracks were changed, fitting in with the new name.
KKCY: California Radio Markets: Bakersfield • Chico • Fresno • Los Angeles • Merced • Modesto • Oxnard-Ventura • Palm Springs • Redding • Riverside-San Bernardino • Sacramento • San Diego • San Francisco • San Jose • San Luis Obispo • Santa Barbara • Santa Cruz • Santa Maria-Lompoc • Santa Rosa • Stockton • Victor Valley • Visalia-Tulare-Hanford
Donald J. Reaves: As per agreement with University of North Carolina system President Erskine Bowles, Dr. Donald J. Reaves will begin as chancellor of Winston-Salem State University on August 16, 2007. At present, Dr. Michelle R. Howard-Vital, interim chancellor and 12th chief administrator of WSSU since July 17, 2006, will lead the institution until then.
CHTD-FM: CHTD-FM is an Canadian radio station broadcasting at 98.1 MHz in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. It has been on the air since May 28, 2001.
Mac Carthaigh's Book: The original manuscript is currently preserved in the National Library of Ireland. The annals were edited and translated by Séamus Ó hInnse and published in 1947 by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies under the title ‘Miscellaneous Irish Annals’.
Bernard Etkin: Etkin was Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto in the 1970's and is currently a Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. He was named to the Order of Canada as a Member in 2003 for his contributions to the aerospace industry in Canada.
Robomaxx: Robomaxx is a robotic vacuum cleaner. However, in stark contrast to most other robotic vacuum cleaners, no vacuum cleaner mechanism is present, nor are there any circuits to decide on which path the robot takes. Instead a kind of swiffer cloth is attached to the bottom of the robot and this pushes the dirt along. The robot changes direction because the central wheel has a differential and thus drives into the direction with the least resistance.
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Loughor RFC: Loughor RFC is a rugby union Club representing the town of Loughor, Swansea, South Wales. Rugby was first played in Loughor in 1882, with evidence of two distinct teams forming in the upper and lower parts of the village. The team from the lower end of the village were called Bwlch-y-mynydd and played in green, while the upper team played in a black strip.
Therapeutic ultrasound: Therapeutic ultrasound is sometimes recommended for muscle as well as joint pain, although some evidence suggests it may not be effective for this purpose.
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Bukit Jalil: Bukit Jalil LRT station was used as a filming location for the 1999 movie Entrapment, although the sign was changed to that of Pudu.
Svend Asmussen: Svend Asmussen (born February 28, 1916 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a jazz violinist from Denmark, known as "The Fiddling Viking". Asmussen grew up in a musical family, starting violin lessons at age 7. At age 16 he first heard recordings by jazz violin great Joe Venuti and began to emulate his style. He started working professionally as a violinist, vibraphonist, and singer at age 17, leaving his formal training behind for good. Early in his career he worked in Denmark and on cruise ships with artists such as Josephine Baker and Fats Waller. Asmussen later was greatly influenced by Stuff Smith, who he met in Denmark. Asmussen played with Valdemar Eiberg and Kjeld Bonfils during World War II, during which time jazz had moved to the underground and served as a form of political protest. In the late 1950s, Asmussen formed the trio Swe-Danes with singer Alice Babs and guitarist Ulrik Neumann. The group became very popular in Scandinavia for their music hall style entertainment and also toured the United States. Asmussen also worked with Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, and Duke Ellington. Asmussen was invited by Ellington to play on the Jazz Violin Session recording in 1963 with Stéphane Grappelli and Ray Nance. In 1966, Asmussen appeared alongside Grappelli, Stuff Smith, and Jean-Luc Ponty in a jazz violin summit in Switzerland that was issued as a live recording. He made an appearance at the 1967 Monterey Jazz Festival, which included a celebrated violin summit with him, Ray Nance and Jean-Luc Ponty.
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