Tengmalm's Owl: The Tengmalm's Owl is 22-27 cm long with a 50-62 cm wingspan. It is brown above, with white flecking on the shoulders. Below it is whitish streaked brown. The head is large, with yellow eyes and a white facial disc, and a "surprised" appearance. The flight is strong and direct. Young birds are chocolate brown.
Rexhep Meidani: Rexhep Qemal Meidani (help·info) (born on August 17, 1944, in Tirana, Albania) is an Albanian politician. He graduated from the University of Tirana (1966), Faculty of Natural Sciences, Branch Physics, as well as successfully accomplished the postgraduate studies in the University of Caen (France) (1974). With regard to the professional area, Mr. Meidani worked as professor, chair of the department and later as the dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences (1966 - 1996). During this time span, Mr. Meidani published a number of studies, books and articles inside and outside of Albania. Mr. Meidani holds the scientific title Professor Doctor. Along with Eqrem Cabej and Nelson Cabej, Mr. Meidani has been considered as one of the leading academics in the country.
History of Newcastle upon Tyne: The Angles arrived in the North-East of England in about AD500 and may have landed on the Tyne. There is no evidence of an Anglo-Saxon settlement on or near the site of Pons Aelius during the Anglo-Saxon age. The bridge probably survived and there may well have been a small village at the northern end, but no evidence survives. At that time the region was dominated by two kingdoms, Bernicia, north of the Tees and ruled from Bamburgh, and Deira, south of the Tees and ruled from York. Bernicia and Deira combined to form the kingdom of Northanhymbra (Northumbria) early in the seventh century. There were three local kings who held the title of Bretwalda – ‘Lord of Britain’, Edwin of Deira (627–632), Oswald of Bernicia (633–641) and Oswy of Northumbria (641–658). The seventh century became known as the ‘Golden Age of Northumbria’, when the area was a beacon of culture and learning in Europe. The greatness of this period was based the Christian culture and resulted in the Lindisfarne Gospels amongst other treasures. The Tyne and Wear valley was dotted with monasteries, with those at Monkwearmouth, Hexham and Jarrow being the most famous. Bede, who was based at Jarrow, wrote of a royal estate, known as Ad Murum, ‘at the Wall', 12 miles (19 km) from the sea. It is thought that this estate may have been in what is now Newcastle. At some unknown time, the site of Newcastle came to be known as Monkchester. The reason for this title is unknown, as we are unaware of any specific monasteries at the site, and Bede made no reference to it. In 875 Halfdan, a Danish king, led an army that attacked and pillaged various monasteries in the area, and it is thought that Monkchester was also pillaged at this time. Little more was heard of it until the coming of the Normans.[3]
Clausius-Clapeyron relation: After substitution of this result into the derivative of the pressure, one finds[4][1]:508
Acqueville, Manche: Acqueville is a commune of the Manche département in the Basse-Normandie région in France.
Pedal car: A racing Pedal Car is a four wheeled human powered single seater sports car designed for use in Pedal Car Racing.
Détain-et-Bruant: Détain-et-Bruant is a commune in the Côte-d'Or department in eastern France.
Ward O'Neill: Ward O’Neill (born 1951) is an Australian illustrator, caricaturist and cartoonist who has contributed to a variety of newspapers, including The London Daily Mail, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, National Times, the Bulletin and Australian Financial Review. His credits include the Walkley award for illustration in 1982, 1984 and 1986.
Mansoor Rana: Mansoor Rana (born December 27, 1962, Lahore, Punjab is a former Pakistani cricketer who played two ODIs in 1990. A batsman, he struggled, scoring only 15 runs in two innings, and was thereafter dropped.
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DuPont-Whitehouse House: The DuPont-Whitehouse House is an Italianate-style house in the Brighton Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, United States. The house was built between 1875 to 1876 by Oscar Cobb & Co. It was designated a Chicago Landmark on April 16, 1996.[1]
Bowser (Nintendo): Bowser made his first appearance in Super Mario Bros as the main villain and boss. He appears at the end of each of the eight worlds. These encounters take place on a bridge over a pool of lava. His attacks include fire breath and Hammer Bros.-style throwing hammers.
ATLIS II: ATLIS incorporates a laser designator boresighted with a television camera. The pilot or weapon systems officer uses the crosshairs to mark a target, which can then be attacked with laser-guided bombs or other guided weapons from the designating aircraft or other, friendly forces. Because it is designed for use by single-seat aircraft, it has a novel automatic lock-on feature, which keeps the laser focused on the target without further operator intervention (using an inertial guidance system, it can generally keep the laser on target even if the beam is temporarily interrupted by clouds).
1873 in Austria: Articles and events specifically related to the year 1873 in Austria.
Duquesne Spy Ring: Closely associated with Franz Stigler, one of the principal contact men for this spy ring, Clausing operated as a courier. He transported microphotographs and other material from the United States to South American ports, from which the information was sent to Germany via Italian airlines. He also established a mail drop in South America for expeditious transmittal of information to Germany by mail.
New York State Route 94 (disambiguation): New York State Route 94 can refer to the following routes:
TURF Analysis: For example, say you want to market 10 new flavors of yogurt. There may be ten possible flavors for a new yogurt, but in actuality the market will only purchase three. The TURF algorithm identifies the optimal product line to maximize the total number of consumers who will purchase at least one SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and, at the same time, minimize consumer overlap across all the flavors.
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Liga I 2006-07: The 2006-07 season of the Romanian Liga I began on July 28, 2006 and ended on May 23, 2007.
Troy (disambiguation): Troy is a Celtic name meaning either a "River" or "Warrior" or "Footsoldier".
Morningbird: The Morningbird (Colluricincla tenebrosa) is a species of bird in the Colluricinclidae family. It is endemic to Palau.
Federal University of Paraíba: João Pessoa is home to the Paraíba Federal University - UFPB, which offers degrees (bachelor's, master's and doctoral) in areas such as the liberal arts (including Law), health sciences (including Medicine and Dentistry), engineering and technology, business, education and the fine arts (Music, Theater, Art).
Times Top 100 Graduate Employers: The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers is a list and accompanying book published by High Fliers Publications detailing the top employers for graduates in the United Kingdom. There have been 8 editions published and the list is collated from the largest final year student survey of its kind, The UK Graduate Careers Survey.
Vitaliano I Borromeo: Vitaliano was given citizenship of Milan in 1406, and rose in wealth and prestige. He bought much property, and served as treasurer in 1418. At some point he began a banking service that, under his son Filippo, would rise into prominence in all the major markets of Europe. He came into his inheritance in November 1431 when his uncle Giovanni Borromeo died, and he adopted his last name. In 1439 Filippo Maria Visconti awarded him the city of Arona on the western shore of Lake Maggiore, and six years later the Duke made him Count of Arona. In 1441 he was made a Milanese counselor. In 1447 he was elected a Captain and Defender of the Liberty of Milan at the first elections of the Ambrosian Republic.[4]
Sobairce: Sobairce, son of Ebric and a great great grandson of Míl Espáine, was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, joint High King of Ireland with his brother Cermna Finn.[1] The pair came to power after Cermna killed the previous incumbent, Eochaid Étgudach, in battle at Tara. They were the first High Kings to come from the Ulaid. They divided the country between them, the border running from Drogheda to Limerick.[2] Sobairce ruled the northern half from Dún Sobairce (Dunseverick in County Antrim), Cermna the southern half from Dún Cermna (which Keating identifies as Downmacpatrick in Kinsale, County Cork). They ruled for forty years. Sobairce died at the hands of Eochaid Menn, son of the king of the Fomorians. Cermna was killed in the same year by Eochaid Faebar Glas, son of the previous High King Conmáel, in the battle of Dún Cermna. The Lebor Gabála Érenn synchronises their reign with those of Laosthenes in Assyria and Rehoboam in Judah. The chronology of Geoffrey Keating's Foras Feasa ar Éirinn dates their reign to 1155-1115 BC, that of the Annals of the Four Masters to 1533-1493 BC.[3]
The Lost Generation (novel series): As a member of this generation, the writer has expressed sincerity and uncontrolled sensitivity in his novels. Due to their historic, informative and descriptive nature of the times, these novels are not considered to be the writer’s best work. These stories of this dejected, withdrawn generation who have led themselves to ruin have inspired many novels, films and songs in the West, too.
Gmina Hyżne: The gmina covers an area of 50.98 square kilometres (19.7 sq mi), and as of 2006 its total population is 6,811.
Inferior epigastric artery: In human anatomy, inferior epigastric artery refers to the artery that arises from the external iliac artery and anastomoses with the superior epigastric artery. Along its course, it is accompanied by a similarly named vein, the inferior epigastric vein.
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