Vehicle registration plates of the U.S. Army in Germany: Private vehicles belonging to American Service personnel and dependent family members based in Germany currently carry German-style number plates starting AD, AF or HK (IF is used with official NATO vehicles of all Nato nationalities) but with the NATO insignia on a blue background instead of the regular EU one. These plates were introduced in 2000 to replace the American sized plates used in various designs since 1945.
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Caballero Rivero Woodlawn Park North Cemetery and Mausoleum: Woodlawn Park in 1926 commissioned a noted mausoleum architect, McDonald Lovell, to design a mausoleum for the park. The present building covers more than a city block, accented with marble, stained glass and hand-wrought bronze gates.
Olympic gold medalists for Taiwan: Taiwan has competed in the Olympic Games under the name "Chinese Taipei" since 1979.
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Alcohol laws of Pennsylvania: Procuring beer however, is more complicated. Pennsylvania is one of very few states that does NOT allow any form of alcoholic beverage to be sold in convenience stores/supermarkets/gas stations. To purchase a 6 pack, one must go to a tavern with an off-license, and a person is only allowed to purchase 2 six packs at a time. For larger quantities, one must go to a beverage distributor, which sells beer by the case.
Collin Walcott: Collin Walcott (February 24, 1945 -- November 8, 1984) was a North American musician. He was a student of Ravi Shankar and Vasant Rai. Collin expanded the role of the sitar in western music. Walcott studied music and ethnomusicology at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, and at The University of California at Los Angeles. Though best remembered for his tabla and sitar playing, Collin Walcott played many musical instruments, including trap drums, clarinet, violin, guitar, piano, percussion, marimbas, and a kalimba he fashioned himself from a gas can. He was a member of the Paul Winter Consort and the groups Oregon (with Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless and Glen Moore) and Codona (with Don Cherry and Nana Vasconcelos).
PhotoDisc: PhotoDisc, Inc. based in Seattle, was a leading publisher of royalty free digital stock photography. It was founded in 1991 by Mark Torrance, who also became the chief executive officer and chairman. After receiving the catalog in the mail, customers would write or phone the office and order the photos or pre-made collections which would then be shipped to them on CD-ROM. In the fall of 1995, their website was launched making business more convenient as it was no longer necessary to wait for shipping as photos could be downloaded directly from the website, the catalog option was still available, though. In January 1997, PhotoDisc 's image collection grew to 50,000 images including 84 pre-made CD-ROM collections and many more images available only through the website. In September 1997, PhotoDisc combined with London based Getty Communications to form the Seattle based Getty Images.
Ms Ruby: Ms Ruby is now coming to be known as the "Remix Queen," with her J Holiday "Bed" Remix/Female Response, which made it to radio stations across the US by popular demand.
The White Chrysanthemum: The White Chrysanthemum is an English musical in three acts by Arthur Anderson and Leedham Bantock, with lyrics by Anderson and music by Howard Talbot). It opened at the Criterion Theatre, produced by Frank Curzon, on 31 August 1905 and ran for 179 performances. The Japanese-themed musical starred Isabel Jay, Rutland Barrington, Lawrence Grossmith (a son of George Grossmith), and Henry Lytton. Louie Pounds later joined the cast. The musical enjoyed various international productions including one at the Kings Theatre in Melbourne, Australia in 1917 starring Barry Lupino.
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Racing FC (Gônaïves): Racing des Gonaïves is a Haitian football club located in Gônaïves, Haiti.
I Don't Want to Spoil the Party: The lyrics revisit Lennon's familiar themes of alienation and inner pain. In this song, he is at a party, waiting for his girl to show up. When it becomes clear that she has stood him up, he decides to go, rather than spoil the party for everyone else. Gram Parsons has noted that this song is one of the Beatles tunes that had a strong country influence.
Colin Legum: In 1951 he joined the UK's Sunday Observer. He served as the newspaper's diplomatic editor and its Commonwealth correspondent. In 1960 he married Margaret Jean Roberts. In 1964 Colin and Margaret Legum published South Africa: Crisis for the West, in which they argued for economic sanctions against the South African government to bring an end to apartheid. In 1968 Colin Legum became editor of the annual Africa Contemporary Record. Legum was the author of over 20 books including Congo Disaster (1960), Pan-Africanism: A Brief History (1962), and Africa: A Handbook of the Continent (1962).
CDC NOS (Software): NOS (Network Operating System) was an operating system with time-sharing capabilities, written by the Control Data Corporation in the 1970s[1]. NOS ran on the 60-bit CDC 6000 series mainframe computers and their successors. NOS replaced the earlier KRONOS operating system in the late 1970s. NOS was replaced with NOS/VE on the 64-bit Cyber-180 systems.
Chess/Selected article/Introduction/Chess variant: The number of possible chess variants is unlimited. D.B. Pritchard, the author of Encyclopedia of Chess Variants, estimates that there are over 2000 chess variants, confining the number to published ones. In 1998 Zillions of Games software program was created. It enables non-programmers to design and playtest most types of chess variants using an AI opponent. As a result a large number of chess variants were implemented for Zillions of Games.
International Garden Festival: Since the festival closed, the site passed through the hands of a series of developers, with half of the site being turned into residential housing. In November 2006 local companies Langtree and McLean announced plans for the site that will see more than 1,000 new homes built around the cleared dome area, as well as the restoration of the original gardens created for the festival in 1984.
Swansea Museum: National Museum Cardiff · St Fagans National History Museum · Big Pit National Coal Museum · National Woollen Museum · National Roman Legionary Museum · National Slate Museum · National Waterfront Museum
Ramzan Paskayev: Currently, Paskayev writes music, and was assisted by the late Said Dimayev. His works are included in the repetoires of orchestras in Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, and North Ossetia, and is regarded as one of the best musicians of Chechnya.[6]
Kabufuda: Kabufuda cards, like the related hanafuda ("flower cards") are smaller and stiffer than Western playing cards. A deck contains 40 cards, with designs representing the numbers 1 through 10. There are four cards for each number.
The Void (film): The film features Amanda Tapping as Prof. Eva Soderstrom, Adrian Paul as Prof. Steven Price, & Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Thomas Abernathy.
Morley Senior High School: Established in 1971, the school is located on a 10 hectare campus and is built on a faculty school design. Morley Senior High school is equipped with a gymnasium, practical and creative arts area (including the new Art Centre, completed in 2002 for Art, Photography, Graphics and Media) IT centre and canteen. There is a separate upper school block with facilities for Science, Maths, English and Society & Environment. Also in the upper school block, is a common room for student recreation and relaxation.
Bokkura: Bokkura (Dhivehi: ބޮއްކުރާ) is the smallest sailing vessel used in Maldives. It has slight similarities to Dhoni — multi-purpose sail boat with or without lateen sails — but is smaller in size and without lateen sails.
Gomfoi: After World War II and the Greek Civil War, the population steadily declined as residents moved to larger towns and cities and the richest countries in the world.
Anna Karenina (1948 film): Anna Karenina (also known in the UK as Tolstoy's Anna Karenina) is a 1948 British film based on the 19th century novel, Anna Karenina, by the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. The film was directed by Julien Duvivier, and starred Vivien Leigh in the title role. It was produced by Alexander Korda for his company, London Films, and distributed in the United States by 20th Century Fox. The screenplay was by Jean Anouilh, Julien Duvivier and Guy Morgan, music by Constant Lambert, decors by André Andrejew and cinematography by Henri Alekan.
Kieran Sporn: Kieran Sporn (born August 28, 1966) is a former Australian rules footballer who played with Essendon in the AFL during the early 1990's.
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