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Coach and Horses, Soho: Norman Balon's last day at the Coach and Horses was on Monday 22 May 2006 when he officially handed over to the new owner Alastair Choat, who continues to foster the pub's unique identity as a gathering place for writers and thinkers by hosting events such as the weekly Social Media Cafe and quality live music gigs.
John Hill (British politician): After the war, he took up farming, buying a 700-acre farm near Halesworth in Suffolk.[1][2][3] He was a councillor on Wainford Rural District Council, Suffolk from 1946-53, and a senior member of various East Anglian river and flood defence boards.[2] He served as a governor of Charterhouse School from 1958-90, and on the council of the University of East Anglia from 1975-1982.[1]
Cornell Kreiger: Georges earned three caps with the U.S. national team in March 1965. All three games were World Cup qualifiers. The first was a 2-0 loss to Mexico on March 12, 1965 followed by a 1-0 win over Honduras and a 1-1 tie with Honduras on March 21.[1] The U.S. did not qualify for the World Cup that year.
List of United States Supreme Court cases, volume 134: 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208
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Southgate Anderson High School: Southgate Thomas J. Anderson High School is a high school in Southgate, Michigan, United States.
Video Game Chat: One of the many websites out there. This one's not notable. Mgm|(talk) 09:26, Dec 24, 2004 (UTC)
Catholic Union: The Catholic Union was a political organisation in Ireland in the 1870s. It was the brainchild of Paul Cullen, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin and future Irish cardinal. He created it in 1872 to link growing public interest in politics and Irish nationalism with a Catholic agenda. It was his second attempt to create a Church-orientated political party, following the collapse and failure of his first such organisation, the National Association.
Mayersville, Mississippi: According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 1.1 square miles (2.9 km²), none of which is covered by water.
Golden Valley High School: Golden Valley High School has been the filming location for many new television shows, including Heroes, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
You Know I Love You: The version of You Know I Love You on this single was a different recording to the album version, however the b-side 'Wait For Me' was only re-mixed for the definitive album version.
La Cuarta: La Cuarta is a Chilean tabloid daily. Both in style and content it is the closest the Chilean press comes to a good old-fashioned British tabloid. One of its main features is an extremely generous helping of T&A, highlighted by a weekly insert of nude photographs; another element of its sleaziness is its plebeian style of headlining stories, reminiscent of the Spanish spoken by a village drunk in the countryside.
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada: Following Metropolitan Germanos' leadership, Archbishop John (Ioan) (Theodorovych) became the Church's Primate. Archbishop John had just arrived in the United States from the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, and he began to serve the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA to become their Primate and Metropolitan. The young Church had chosen the Ukrainian bishop as their bishop, hoping that the Church would further grow under his leadership (with his knowledge of Ukrainian traditions). During the summers from 1924 to 1946 Archbishop John would make his annual trip to Canada to visit the parishes throughout the country. When Archbishop John was in the USA during the winter months, a priest would act as an administrator at the Consistory, Fr. Semen Sawchuk.
Mickey's Space Adventure: Mickey's Space Adventure was a graphic adventure computer game for a number of computer platforms. It was created by Al Lowe and released by Sierra Entertainment in 1986. It features the Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Pluto.
Three Mile Island (book): The Three Mile Island power station is near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the United States. The accident described in Three Mile Island began on Wednesday, March 28, 1979, and ultimately resulted in a partial core meltdown in Unit 2 of the nuclear power plant. Unit 2's pressurized water reactor was of 900 MWe capacity.[4] The scope and complexity of this reactor accident became clear over the course of five days, as a number of agencies at the local, state and federal levels tried to solve the problem and decide whether the ongoing accident required an emergency evacuation, and to what extent.
HMS Newcastle (C76): After the war, the cruiser was given an overhaul in 1952 and took part in the Korean War - acting as a flagship and providing naval gunfire support to UN forces - and the Malayan Emergency in the later 1950s.
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Aryeh Leib Schochet: He published his book Lekutim Yekarim in 1926. It was one of if not the first books on the topic of chassidus published in America at that time. It was printed with several approbation from leading rabbinic figures. Including Rabbi Yehoushua Heschel Rabinowitz, the Rebbe of Monostritz, Rabbi Dovid Moredechai Twersky, Rebbe of Tolna and Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Twersky, Rebbe of Tolna - Philadelphia. The sefer contains many essays of recorded sermons used in Radifke. It includes stories and teachings from tens of Rabbis of earlier generations. Quoted several times is Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov, Rabbi Eliyahu of Villna, the Villan Goan. Rabbi Dovid'l Tolner,
Spanish State: With the death of Franco and the dismantling of the Francoist regime, the denomination of "Spanish State" ceased to be official, being replaced by "Kingdom of Spain", in that the country was reconstituted as a democratic parliamentary monarchy, where the head of state reigns, but does not rule.
U.S. Route 340 in Maryland: US 340 serves as a major east-west route through southern Frederick County, intersecting MD 17 north of Brunswick, and MD 180 for the second time near Slabtown. Now running due east the route serves as a bypass of Jefferson, before merging with US 15 a few miles east of the town.
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (Port Angeles, Washington): St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Port Angeles, Washington was built in 1905. The church was built in the Gothic Revival style. It is also known as Salvation Army Citidel Corps.
Francis Nelson (ice hockey): In 1932 he was a member of the American ice hockey team, which won the silver medal.
Portland Rosebuds: The Portland Rosebuds name was used by two professional men's ice hockey teams based in Portland, Oregon. Both played their home games at the Portland Ice Arena.
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