Kumano Shrine: Kumano Shrine (熊野神社, Kumano Shrine?) is a type of shinto shrine. There are many Kumano shrines in Japan. They include:
K. Tubantia Borgerhout V.K.: Tubantia Football & Athletic Club was founded in 1915 and first accessed to the second division in 1928 finishing 8th. The next year it finished 2nd and thus played the first division in 1930-31 finishing 11th on 14 (this year R.S.C. Anderlecht finished last). However Tubantia finished 13th one season later and was relegated with F.C. Turnhout. The club then enjoyed a spell in the second division. In 1940 Tubantia F.A.C. changed its name to K. Tubantia F.C.
KAOX: KAOX is an American FM radio station broadcasting on 107.3 mHz FM and is licensed to Kemmerer, Wyoming. It primarily broadcasts an adult contemporary format, but occasionally broadcasts local high school football and basketball games from Kemmerer as well. Prior to mid 2006, the station was locally programmed and music was not satellite fed as it is today. KAOX would also broadcast ABC News at the top of each hour, followed by local weather. KAOX has two sister stations KMER 940 AM, which is also from Kemmerer, and KDWY 105.3 FM, which is licensed to Diamondville.
Château de Vitré: The castle was bought by the town in the 1820 for 8500 francs[1] .In 1872, it was one of the first castles in France to be classified as a monument historique (historic monument) and restored from 1875 under the direction of the architect Darcy. Placed in the public domain, the castle was furnished with a small museum, in 1876, inspired by Arthur de la Borderie. Paradoxically, he destroyed the collégiale de la Madeleine (collegiate church of the Madeleine), in the castle courtyard, while he was in charge of conservation for the town! A boys' school was built in its place.
Walter Burley: His main work was the De Puritate Artis Logicae Tractatus Longior, in which he covers such topics as the truth conditions for complex sentences, both truth-functional and modal, as well as providing rules of inferences for different types of inferences. He was one of the first logicians to recognize the priority of the propositional calculus over the predicate calculus, despite the fact that the latter had been the main focus of logicians up until this period.
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Adna, Colorado: Adna is a populated place located in Weld County, Colorado, United States.[1]
Flora Jessop: Communities: Eldorado, Texas  • Bountiful, British Columbia  • Colorado City, Arizona  • Hildale, Utah Incidents: YFZ Ranch raid  • Short Creek raid  • Persons: Barbara Walther  • Warren Jeffs  • Flora Jessop  • Carolyn Jessop  •
Jeremiah Cloutier: Cloutier attempts to counsel Aryan leader Vern Schillinger into refocusing on the birth of his granddaughter, and turning away from a life of hatred and brutality. However, members of the Aryan Brotherhood warn Cloutier to back off; they don't want to lose their leader. Cloutier then successfully converts Biker Jim Burns and Irish inmate Timmy Kirk (who was a Catholic altar boy). With Cloutier poaching prisoners and constantly challenging the Catholic faith, bad blood develops between the two men.
Philadelphia Quakers players: This category includes players from the National League team known as the Philadelphia Quakers. The team played under this name from the team's founding in 1883 until 1889, when it was changed to the Phillies.
Dean Harold: Apparent hoax - Zero ghits on "Dean Harold", and there's nothing in the BBC's coverage of the riots to indicate that anyone was killed or seriously injured - which would surely have been the focus of the story had it been the case. — iridescent (talk to me!) 01:02, 16 October 2007 (UTC)
Denis Viger: His son Denis-Benjamin later played an important role in the politics of the province. His nephew, Jacques Viger, was the first mayor of Montreal and his nephew Louis-Michel Viger became a lawyer and also served in the legislative assembly.
2006 Women's World Open Squash Championship: The 2006 Women's World Open Squash Championship is the women's edition of the World Open, which serves as the individual world championship for squash players. The event took place in the Ulster Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland from 22 to 26 November 2006.
Timeline of Llanelli history: 1801 – Llanelly’s first census – population 2,972.
Randolph Bresnik: He then reported to the Navy Fighter/Attack Training Squadron VFA-106, Naval Air Station Cecil Field, for initial F/A-18 training. Upon completion of training he reported to Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron, VMFA-212 at Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, then MCAS El Toro, California, and additionally MCAS Miramar, California, where he made three overseas deployments to the Western Pacific. While assigned to VMFA-212, he attended the Marine Corps Weapons and Tactics Instructors Course (WTI) and Naval Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN).
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Anglo-Kabarda: The Anglo-Kabarda or Anglo-Kabardin (also known as the Anglo-Kabardinskaya porodnaya gruppa) is a breed of horse that is a cross between the Kabarda and the Thoroughbred. Representatives of the breed may have between 25 percent and 75 percent Thoroughbred blood. The cross was developed beginning in the 1920s and 1930s to produce a horse that was larger and faster than the native Kabarda, but adapted to the climate of the northern Caucasus region of Russia and able to maneuver in mountainous terrain.
Charles George Baker: Charles George Baker VC(8 December 1830-19 February 1906) was a recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.
Christopher Cock: Christopher Cock was a London instrument maker of the 17th century, who supplied microscopes to Robert Hooke. These microscopes were compound lens instruments, which, unfortunately, suffered greatly from spherical aberration.
Oblique reflection: An oblique reflection is an affine transformation, and it is an involution, meaning that the reflection of the reflection of a point is the point itself.
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La Familia (hooligan firm): After a pitch invasion led by La Familia on 13 April 2008, which forced the abandonment of the match, when Beitar were leading Maccabi Herzliya 1–0 and just four minutes from winning the Israeli Premier League, the IFA gave the points to their opponents, deducted two points and ordered that the clubs remaininghome games were to be played behind closed doors.[3][5][4] A BBC Radio 5 programme, Crossing Continents on football in Israel which aired on 24 April 2008 focussed on La Familia, including interviews with firm members and also Beitar fans opposed to the firm because of it's alleged racism. It was claimed that La Familia make up about 20% of the Beitar support at matches.[6]
Universidad Santa María (Caracas): Universidad Santa María is a university in Caracas. It was founded in 1953.
John Wesley: When he had waited long enough, but the Bishop of London still refused to ordain a minister for the American Methodists who were without the sacraments, in 1784 Wesley ordained preachers for Scotland and England and America, with power to administer the sacraments. Though Thomas Coke was already a presbyter in the Church of England, Wesley consecrated, by laying on of hands, Dr. Thomas Coke to be superintendent in America. He also ordained Richard Whatcoat and Thomas Vasey as presbyters. He intended that Coke, and Asbury (who Coke would subsequently consecrate in America) should ordain others in the newly founded Methodist Episcopal Church. This alarmed his brother Charles, who begged him to stop before he had "quite broken down the bridge," and not embitter his [Charles'] last moments on earth, nor "leave an indelible blot on our memory." Wesley replied that he had not separated from the church, nor did he intend to, but he must and would save as many souls as he could while alive, "without being careful about what may possibly be when I die." Although he rejoiced that the Methodists in America were free, he advised his English followers to remain in the established church; and he himself died within it.
Christos V. Massalas: Christos V. Massalas was born in Ioannina, Greece. After graduating as a Civil Engineer, Professor Massalas continued his education with a Diploma degree in Mathematics (M.Sc., Ph.D., Habilitation in Mechanics). During his education he obtained scholarships from The Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Fullbright Foundation and Unesco. He worked as Professor at the Department of Mathematics until 2000, is now professor of Mechanics of Materials at the Department of Materials Science(University of Ioannina) and has worked as Visiting Professor at the Trinity College, Dublin (1989-1990). He is a vice-director of the Institute B.R.I. and is a member of the scientific committee of Onassis Foundation Science Lectures. He is the author of several books, monographs and more than 100 original research papers. His administrative course started in 1992 as chairman of Department of Mathematics and was followed as vice-rector (1994-1997) at the University of Ioannina, rector (1997-2003) and the following three years (2003-2006) vice-rector of the University as well as the president of the Northwestern Macedonian University.
Carrasco Polo Club: Carrasco Polo Club is one of the best Uruguayan rugby union teams. It already won several titles and it provides usually many players for the Uruguay national rugby union team. The 2003 Rugby World Cup finals squad had 12 players from Carrasco Polo Club.
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