Richard Blundell: He is currently the David Ricardo Professor of Political Economy at UCL, Research Director at IFS, in 2006 he was President of the Econometric Society. He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society (1991), Fellow of the British Academy (1996), Honorary Member of the American Economic Association (2001), Honorary Member American Academy of Arts and Science (2002) and Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (2003). He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of the University of St Gallen, Switzerland in 2003. In 1995, he was the recipient of the Yrjö Jahnsson Award for economics.
Soyuz TMA-11: The return flight of Soyuz TMA-11 was the first time two women flew together on board a Soyuz and it was the first time women outnumbered men aboard a spacecraft since Valentina Tereshkova's solo flight in 1963.
`Abbas ibn `Abd al-Muttalib: Thus in the pursuit of seeking pleasure of Allah, ‘Abbas died at the age of 88. Among his children ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbas was a renowned companion of Muhammad.
Valley Falls, Kansas: McLouth | Meriden | Nortonville | Oskaloosa | Ozawkie | Perry | Valley Falls | Winchester
Carlton W. Fulford, Jr.: His non-FMF assignments include: Company Commander, Naval Academy Preparatory School (1968-1969); Management Engineer, Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona(1973-1976); Economics Instructor, U.S. Naval Academy (1977-1978); Branch Head, Training Department, HQMC (1982-1984); Strategy Planner, Forces and Strategy Branch, United States Pacific Command (1985-1987); Commanding General, Landing Force Training Command, Atlantic (1991-1992); Director, Training and Education Division, Marine Corps Combat Development Command (1992-1994); Commanding General Marine Corps Bases, Japan (1994-1995); Vice Director, The Joint Staff (1995-1996); Director, The Joint Staff (1999-2000); and Deputy Commander in Chief, United States European Command (2000-2002).
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Andrew Kennedy (tenor): In 2005, he won the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World Rosenblatt Recital Prize.
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Molesey F.C.: Molesey played in the Spartan League (with a best finish of 3rd in 1971-72) before joining the Athenian League between 1973, initially in Division Two. They joined the Isthmian League Division Two in 1977 and have remained there ever since. In 1990 they gained promotion to Division One, followed in 1993 by promotion to the Premier Division, where they spent three seasons. Relegation to Division One in 1996 was followed by a further drop into Division Two in 1999. They have remained at this level since then, although due to league reorganisations they now find themselves in Division One South.
Lectures/Lecture3-Log cleaned up: xavexgoem says: Synergetic: try turning off whatever music you have on synergeticmaggot says: its off synergeticmaggot says: Fur Elise is a short song :D synergeticmaggot says: i hit the answer but nothing happened *** Seddon69 added sniperz11 to this chat *** sniperz11 can't be added to this chat due to his/her privacy settings Steve Crossin says: heh Filll says: this is where the lectures will be? Steve Crossin says: im doing some project work Steve Crossin says: so im not sure how active i can be synergeticmaggot says: Filll: here and there, this is for hearing the discussion i believe *** Kim Bruning added Adrian to this chat Filll says: oh ok Steve Crossin says: ;( xavexgoem says: Seddon is trying to record atm Filll says: ok Steve Crossin says: hehe Steve Crossin says: O_O Kim Bruning says: sniperz needs addind! Steve Crossin says: lol Steve Crossin says: YES Kim Bruning says: and steve Steve Crossin says: "Annes TMC Gravy" Steve Crossin says: darn it Adrian says: voice? Kim Bruning says: gonna setup soon... Adrian says: k Filll says: sniper can you listen? Kim Bruning says: sniperz: are you ok? Kim Bruning says: sniper.... can you listen? xavexgoem says: I'm connecting with sniper fine Steve Crossin says: what!! Steve Crossin says: it will likebe AM Steve Crossin says: yea xavexgoem says: Could it be your end, SEddon? Steve Crossin says: *2am Seddon69 says: it might xavexgoem says: Kim, you want sniper here? xavexgoem says: in VC? Steve Crossin says: yea stop being ao UK friendly Steve Crossin says: :P Kim Bruning says: xavex: I hope! xavexgoem says: Hmm... Filll says: sniper can you type? xavexgoem says: He's still connected to me Steve Crossin says: call is slowing me down too much Filll says: oh oh Filll says: what happened seddon? Seddon69 says: xav is gonna try and host Seddon69 says: so i ended the call :P Filll says: ok Filll says: use options at top xavexgoem says: alright xavexgoem says: lemme try again Filll says: and do conference call Filll says: from options at top of screen Adrian says: muted but can hear you all very good Filll says: i am muted too Steve Crossin says: im not in the call xavexgoem says: SynergeticMag, do you have any applications that are using sound other than Skype? synergeticmaggot says: nope xavexgoem says: Hmm.. Steve Crossin says: i dont wanna be, slows me down Filll says: killingthe process known as SkypePM in windows cna be good Adrian says: synergic called? xavexgoem says: he did Steve Crossin says: the call slows my internet down to a slug xavexgoem says: but I think it's a driver issue Filll says: synergetic? Filll says: you are not in? synergeticmaggot says: i dont know, i was trying other options Steve Crossin says: our net is dialup speed now synergeticmaggot says: neve used skype before Filll says: well did you answer when the call came in? Kim Bruning says: synergistic might need to kill skype and restart or so Filll says: want me to call you? xavexgoem says: synergetic, could you maybe restart? :S can't think of anything else Kim Bruning says: and kill any other sound programs Kim Bruning says: depending what os/system *** synergeticmaggot left this chat Filll says: ok he might have to restart Adrian says: the whose what? Filll says: or to change his sound options...the headset figure lower right hand button of skype window Filll says: whose? Adrian says: I'm in a VC hosted by xavex right now. why is synergic calling? Filll says: he is confused Adrian says: oh Filll says: he is hitting redial from his history Filll says: haha Filll says: so it calls everyone Filll says: it is a mistake Filll says: do not answer it *** Kim Bruning added Satyam Nayak to this chat Filll says: i will try to call him one on one again xavexgoem says: I think SynergeticMag needs a restart Filll says: hmmm Filll says: seems to have sound card trouble xavexgoem says: He's not even in the chat...? Filll says: why is he not in this chat *** Filll added synergeticmaggot to this chat Filll says: syn are you there? Filll says: can yo type? Kim Bruning says: syn helo! Satyam Nayak says: syn!! xavexgoem says: me, sorry xavexgoem says: I think Kim Bruning says: xavex: tis fine! xavexgoem says: lemme try again... Filll says: syn??? Satyam Nayak says: hes typing synergeticmaggot says: yeah i tried leaving then i couldnt figure out how to rejoin Filll says: where is syn synergeticmaggot says: i'm checking on an error message Kim Bruning says: syn is here Filll says: well lets see Filll says: you have a sound card error message Filll says: i tried to call syn direct and it failed xavexgoem says: restart, methinks synergeticmaggot says: i use mozilla firefox as a browser Kim Bruning says: it happened to me occaisionally too Filll says: hmm Filll says: yes it happens Kim Bruning says: syn: kill firefox and try skyping without? Filll says: go to the skype main page synergeticmaggot says: What is Error #6102 or "Problem with recording device", and how do I solve it? synergeticmaggot says: is where i am at this point Filll says: and try clicking on bottom that looks like headset Kim Bruning says: filll: how long will this take? :) Filll says: not sure *** Steve Crossin left this chat Filll says: click on button that looks like headset Kim Bruning says: steve is out again? Satyam Nayak says: syn: bad mic. synergeticmaggot says: rather, no mic :) Filll says: syn are you there? synergeticmaggot says: yes i'm here@ Filll says: syn you have no mike? synergeticmaggot says: nope Filll says: ok click on button that looks like a headset Filll says: lower right hand corner synergeticmaggot says: i see no button Seddon69 says: brb Kim Bruning says: which skype version? :) Filll says: ok see what version of sksype you are using synergeticmaggot says: the one from WP:lectures talk page Filll says: haha xavexgoem says: Syn: Reboot. If that doesn't work, I don't know what will...? (my solution to everything) Filll says: see help at the top? Filll says: click on help and go to about Kim Bruning says: http://bruning.xs4all.nl/~kim/photo/dispute_resolution/1280x1024/pict8121.jpg Filll says: and see what version Satyam Nayak says: lol Filll says: i talk about the main skype window of course synergeticmaggot says: ok i'm rebooting *** synergeticmaggot left this chat Kim Bruning says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:DR xavexgoem says: (is this being recorded?) xavexgoem says: just checking Kim Bruning says: original as designed Kim Bruning says: new dr methods (added later) Kim Bruning says: RFC Kim Bruning says: Mediation committee Kim Bruning says: Arbitration Committee Kim Bruning says: Request For Comments Seddon69 says: come to an end of a sentence in a second please so i can start another recording Seddon69 says: got a 15 min time limit per recording xavexgoem says: (Sniper can't see this chat window) Seddon69 says: one min Seddon69 says: ill start a new one now Seddon69 says: ok :P Seddon69 says: go Filll says: hmmm Filll says: sniper cant see this Filll says: let mee see xavexgoem says: (this would be better if not for the constant "wheeip" sound whenever someone makes a comment like this) Filll says: ah Filll says: yes sniper's text is not going through Filll says: I am not sure why Filll says: this happens sometimes xavexgoem says: I can relay everything to him Filll says: what i do is prod the system with a direct dial Filll says: and it clears the buffer Filll says: but I dont know how to do that with a multiuser chat window Seddon69 says: brb, dont worry recording is ongoing :) Filll says: i have to write a cheat sheet for skype i guess Kim Bruning says: Request for comment Kim Bruning says: Mediation Committee Kim Bruning says: Request for Arbitration *** Filll added synergeticmaggot to this chat Kim Bruning says: Association of Members Advocates (AMA) synergeticmaggot says: what about AMA? Filll says: i cant seem to get his audio working yet synergeticmaggot says: you know, i think i figured out the problem. i use a cell phone as my modem Filll says: oh that might be it Adrian says: AMA was dissolved http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:AMA Kim Bruning says: AMA replaced by Editor Assitence WP:EA Kim Bruning says: 3rd opinonon WP:3O xavexgoem says: yup synergeticmaggot says: yeah i was just trying to figure out what i missed upon reboot + coffee refill Seddon69 says: wooooooo synergeticmaggot says: crap, whats the irc command to kill my nick Filll says: sniper can you see this? synergeticmaggot says: ghost...? Kim Bruning says: AMA -> EA Kim Bruning says: Association of Members Advocates -> Editor assistence Satyam Nayak says: syn: /ghost <in> <the> <shell> synergeticmaggot says: danke Kim Bruning says: Mediation Committee -> mediation cabal Kim Bruning says: arbitration committee ->  ? xavexgoem says: ? xavexgoem says: say what? synergeticmaggot says: arbitrary resolutions? xavexgoem says: sniper, do you see thsi xavexgoem says: ? Kim Bruning says: Editor Assistence Kim Bruning says: Mediation Cabal Kim Bruning says: 3 opinion Kim Bruning says: * RFC Kim Bruning says: * MEDCOM Kim Bruning says: * ARBCOM xavexgoem says: :D Kim Bruning says: Guerilla Mediation xavexgoem says: yes Seddon69 says: 10 min xavexgoem says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:GUERRILLA xavexgoem says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_talk:Guerrilla_Mediation_Network#Possible_resurrection.3F Filll says: readd me Filll says: if you can xavexgoem says: Vassyana suggests starting out at GAN, actually xavexgoem says: who needs re-add? xavexgoem says: saying you're not online Filll says: filll synergeticmaggot says: i'm gonna sit this one out, i have a few things to do before work, bye all :) *** synergeticmaggot left this chat Filll says: oh oh Filll says: i am losing it Filll says: lost it Filll says: dropped xavexgoem says: trying to readd xavexgoem says: :) Adrian says: shoot Filll dropped again Filll says: haha Filll says: sorry about that Filll says: i also went to get a sandwich Filll says: add me Filll says: if you can Kim Bruning says: yell if you want reinvite :) Filll says: my connection has gone flaky Kim Bruning says: I guess call xavexgoem Filll says: oops Filll says: i should be back Filll says: i think Kim Bruning says: Wikipedia:Consensus Kim Bruning says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Consensus_new_and_old.svg Kim Bruning says: :) Kim Bruning says: Don't be a dick Kim Bruning says: Civility xavexgoem thinks policy is a massive beaning xavexgoem says: (which seques into consensus, too :) ) Seddon69 says: 2 min 30 Kim Bruning says: WP:SILENCE Filll says: yes my connection is bad Seddon69 says: 1 min 30 Filll says: haha Filll says: add me back Seddon69 says: go :) Filll says: sorry Filll says: i was very stable yesterday xavexgoem says: I'll re-add as they drop, don't worry Kim Bruning says: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?DocumentMode xavexgoem says: Freddie Mercury :P Kim Bruning says: WP:BRD Kim Bruning says: OODA Loop Kim Bruning says: http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?ThreadMode Kim Bruning says: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?ThreadMode Kim Bruning says: I say this Kim Bruning says: You say that Kim Bruning says: I say some more Kim Bruning says: someone else speaks too Kim Bruning says: I reply to them too Kim Bruning says: Refactor threadmode -> Documentmode xavexgoem says: it should happen more often... Kim Bruning says: talk page -> talk page results -> mainspace page Kim Bruning says: talk page == thread mode --> mainspace page == document mode Seddon69 says: 3 min 30 xavexgoem says: the what? Kim Bruning says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Consensus_new_and_old.svg xavexgoem says: ah xavexgoem says: yes xavexgoem says: I think they will :) xavexgoem says: scratch that question; I think I have a solution xavexgoem says: Things tend to come to medcab after consensus takes forever, from what I see Kim Bruning says: seddon: still watching time? Seddon69 says: yep 4 mins xavexgoem shrinks xavexgoem says: ;) xavexgoem says: ooooh! xavexgoem loves the gossip! Filll says: seth finkelstein Filll says: was great ranting Seddon69 says: 5min xavexgoem says: seddon: mute your mic :P Seddon69 says: should prob cut it after this and round things up Filll says: not me Filll says: I am good Seddon69 says: 1 min 20 xavexgoem says: done with the question, heh :) xavexgoem says: *s * 20 Seddon69 says: 1 min Seddon69 says: 50 secs Seddon69 says: 40 secs Seddon69 says: 30 secs Seddon69 says: 200 Seddon69 says: 20* Seddon69 says: 15 xavexgoem says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Remote_viewing#Purported_again - Kill them w/ kindness xavexgoem says: you can cut 1/2 my questions :P xavexgoem says: (srsly) xavexgoem says: (particularly when I'm bubbling) xavexgoem says: (bumbling)* like now xavexgoem says: awesome Kim Bruning says: Filll Kim Bruning says: WP:SR Kim Bruning says: WP:5P Kim Bruning says: WP:TRI Kim Bruning says: Any of these useful? Kim Bruning says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_talk:Simplified_ruleset#This_is_working.21 Kim Bruning says: IAR, BOLD, etc :P Kim Bruning says: (CCC) xavexgoem says: Filll: User:Vassyana/insanity <-- very fun, and related Filll says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Evolution/FAQ Filll says: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Evolution/FAQ&oldid=107979182 xavexgoem says: I _really_ liked the AGF challenge; maybe'd be good on Skype 2c Kim Bruning says: hehehehe Kim Bruning says: :) xavexgoem says: woah, thought of a template and a cat xavexgoem says: it'd be awesome xavexgoem says: {{skype|topic=Skype appropriate for WP?|date=17:16, 23 April 2008 (UTC)|host=xavexgoem}} Filll says: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=4241481&message=new_talk_created xavexgoem says: egads xavexgoem says: what happened? Filll says: hiccup Filll says: rejoin Filll says: from your history Filll says: go to your history Filll says: and click the skpyecast Filll says: see your history xav? xavexgoem says: Oh, to have a name starting with X :P Filll says: interesting xav? Filll says: haha Filll says: what do you think of these guys xavexgoem says: interesting... xavexgoem says: I liked the first three xavexgoem says: :P Filll says: nice ladies Filll says: haha Filll says: we havent had any lunatics yet Filll says: but oh well xavexgoem says: no xavexgoem says: woah xavexgoem says: it's easy xavexgoem says: don't tell him it's hard :P xavexgoem says: nvm, heh xavexgoem says: You sound just like Al Franken. It's weird. Seddon69 says: lol xavexgoem says: ugh... gotta go Seddon69 says: kk xav take care mate Filll says: see ya Kim Bruning says: Oh woot Kim Bruning says: a proper lectures channel Kim Bruning says: skypecast even Kim Bruning says: this is getting interesting xavexgoem says: hello Adrian says: hi Adrian says: why on lectures? xavexgoem says: Skype just randomly said someone was speaking here xavexgoem says: No clue why. Adrian says: ok... Adrian says: me neither Adrian says: I suggested to Kim Bruning to establish a public chat for Lectures Adrian says: he replied that it "sounds like some Skype 3 feature" ... Adrian says: I'm reluctatant to do it myself, because the "Creator" is the one in charge (i.e. making others "hosts"=admins etc) xavexgoem says: isn't this a public chat? Adrian says: no, look in the NTWW public chat. it says public chat at the top xavexgoem says: ooh Adrian says: public chats are also permanent and can be controlled Adrian says: (i.e. blocking people, or deciding whom to let in) Adrian says: the advantage is, Skype hosts a link to the public chat Adrian says: which can be put on WP xavexgoem says: Oooh Adrian says: yeah Adrian says: maybe I'll just go ahead an do it anyway Adrian says: or, wait. no Adrian says: I won't do it, because the Skype link reveals your Skype account name--which isn't in itself a problem for me, but my account name contains my real given name Adrian says: would you care to give it a try? xavexgoem says: sure; what do I do? Adrian says: main window > Cahts > Start public chat Adrian says: really easy xavexgoem says: Topic? Wikipedia lectures? Adrian says: don't worry about the topic, it can be changed at any later time. maybe something short, like simply WP:Lectures? xavexgoem says: Host controls? Adrian says: Participants need permission to start reading and posting Adrian says: (can be changed later by creator) xavexgoem says: Guidelines: "Don't be a dick" ? :P Adrian says: :D xavexgoem says: http://www.skype.com/go/joinpublicchat?skypename=xavexgoem&topic=WP%3ALectures&blob=cG2lhdxLTuoqMCXnJ_FMuoxadXDnNOgB1ymXM-iUQOcEmTHK7Whn67Jodj58eSLG6g Adrian says: JOIN THE ALL NEW PUBLIC CHAT VIA ABOVE LINK
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William A. Fraker: As cinematographer, his films include The President's Analyst (1967), Rosemary's Baby (1968), Bullitt (1968), Paint Your Wagon (1969), The Day of the Dolphin (1973), Coonskin (1975), Looking For Mr. Goodbar (1977), Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977), Heaven Can Wait (1978), 1941 (1979), WarGames (1983), Irreconcilable Differences (1984), Murphy's Romance (1985), Tombstone (1993), and Street Fighter (1994)
Jessica Cutler: The New York Post has linked Cutler with Kristin "Billie" Davis, the madam of one of the escort agencies which were service providers for Eliot Spitzer.[16]
Abdullah Gërguri: Gërguri has also worked in the Hadum Mosque in Đakovica and the Great Mosque (1969) in Priština.
Native American Nations: The Ute Nation was dissolved in 2067 and absorbed into the Pueblo Corporate Council, and the withdrawal of the megacorporation Mitsuhama Computer Technologies from Tsimshian territory left the territory rather empty; the Salish-Shidhe lost no time in effectively making it a Salish protectorate.
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Aces High (anthology): Aces High is the second volume in the Wild Cards shared universe fiction series edited by George R. R. Martin. It was published in 1987 and dealt with two main plots that linked the stories in the volume: the arrival of the alien Swarm and a Masonic conspiracy led by a bookish villain named the Astronomer. In the end, these two storylines connect.
List of plate tectonics topics: This is a list of articles related to plate tectonics and tectonic plates.
Texas State Library and Archives Commission: The present building, named for Lorenzo de Zavala, was dedicated on April 10, 1962. Built of granite from the same quarry that supplied materials for the Capitol, the outer walls are made of sunset red granite. The building is 257 feet long, 77 feet wide, and 60 feet tall. It has five main floors and seven stack floors (the stacks are not open to the public). The three main collections open to public use are the Genealogy collection and Archives, both housed on the first floor, and the Reference collection, housed on the third. The library is scheduled to undergo a significant renovation beginning early 2007.
Erqi Memorial Tower: The Erqi Memorial Tower or called Erqi Tower (Chinese: 二七纪念塔; Pinyin: Èrqī Jìniàntă) is located in the centre of Zhengzhou city, Henan Province.
Josiah Lamberson Parrish: Also in 1842, Parrish moved to the Clatsop Plains and took over the branch mission of the Methodist Mission from Joseph Frost.[1] In 1844, when the Methodist Mission was dissolved by George Gary, Parrish purchased the Clatsop Plains mission.[1] From 1849 until 1854 he worked as an Indian agent in the now Oregon Territory.[1] As a rancher he was the first breeder in Oregon of pure-breed sheep, and had brought the first white clover seed to Oregon when he migrated aboard the Lausanne.[1]
List of Azteca América affiliates: This page lists all the known affiliates for Azteca América in the United States. For TV Azteca in Mexico, see that network's page.
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Elongated alternated cubic honeycomb: It is vertex-uniform with 3 octahedra, 4 tetrahedra, 6 triangular prisms around each vertex. Each prism meets an octahedron at one end and a tetrahedron at the other.
Plants and Animals: Plants and Animals' self-titled EP was released in 2004 via Ships at Night Records.[3]
Patrick Lindon: Patrick Lindon and James Thompson's most recent collaboration was unveiled on May 21, 2008 by Swiss International Air Lines. The new business class seats are fully reclinable and with a two meter long bed. Their arrangement will offer a high degree of privacy and mobility within the cabin. The lie-flat seats will have an air cushion feature, developed by Lantal Textiles, which allows seat hardness to be set for individual wishes and needs. The new seats will be gradually installed throughout the Swiss long-haul fleet starting November 2008.
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