DeSales High School (Louisville, Kentucky): DeSales High School, or St. Francis DeSales High School, is an all-male Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville school located at 425 West Kenwood Drive in Louisville, Kentucky. The school has around 300 students and is located near Iroquois Park. DeSales prides itself in the technological advancements with their laptop program called Teach-nology. Each classroom is connected to a secured wireless internet in the school building. Each student receives a laptop when they come to DeSales and is allowed to keep it upon graduation. The students use the laptops in their day to day studies and can take them home for further work.
Parish (Catholic Church): The parish generally has a busy schedule, although this depends on size and culture. The seven sacraments are the centre of parish life. Traditionally, there is Mass daily and on Sundays according to pastoral need, normally celebrated by priests resident in the parish. There is offered confessions, as well as other forms of prayer and social events. This is still the case in many parishes. However, in the Western world, as numbers of priests fall, there tend to be fewer priest-led, and more laity-led activities. There are also always social events: their nature depends on culture and circumstances.
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Covered call: Writing a covered call generates income, in the form of a premium; however, the risk of stock ownership is not eliminated. Therefore, potential loss is equivalent to subtraction of the total amount paid as premium. Also there is potential upside down through this strategy.
Veterans of World War I who died in 2003: Remark: a further 52 men old enough to have served in WWI died in England & Wales in 2003. Their veteran status is not yet confirmed. Scottish and Irish records are not checked either.
Mount Hutton, New South Wales: The Lake Macquarie Fair shopping centre is one of the features of the suburb.
Jimmy Littlejohn: Reilly (1909–15) • Dainty (1915–17) • Reilly (1917–22) • O'Rourke (1922–23) • Brownlie (1923–31) • Reid (1931–34) • Brownlie (1934–36) • Greig (1936–38) • Brownlie/Irving (1938–39) • McKay (1939) • Allan (1939–40) • Cram (1941–44) • Littlejohn (1944) • McGillivray (1944–45) • MacFadyen (1945–54) • R Smith (1954–57) • Gallacher (1957) • Gray (1957–58) • A McCall (1958–59) • Kerr (1959–71) • J McLean (1971–93) • Golac (1993–95) • Kirkwood (1995–96) • T McLean (1996–98) • Sturrock (1998–2000) • A Smith (2000–02) • Hegarty (2002–03) • I McCall (2003–05) • Chisholm (2005–06) • Brewster (2006) • Levein (2006–)
Uxbridge Bruins: The 1990-91 season saw the Bruins finish with a record of twenty-two wins, eleven losses, and three ties. That record clinched them their first regular season crown. The Bruins went on to win their first ever league championship.
Baraboule Department: Baraboule is a department or commune of Soum Province in north-western Burkina Faso. Its capital lies at the town of Baraboule.[1]
Muktar Yahya Najee Al Warafi: Al Warafi acknowledged traveling to Afghanistan. He went on his own, and he had nothing to do with the Taliban. He went there only to help provide medical assistance to the poor and the public.
Pulaski Riot: The Pulaski Riot was a race riot that occurred in the town of Pulaski, Tennessee in the summer of 1868. There were many external racial and societal influences but the origin of the riot appears to be a trade dispute between white Calvin Lamberth and Calvin Carter, an African-American. Lamberth was told, afterwards, that Carter and his friend Whitlock Fields "threatened" Lamberth's black mistress. Lamberth found Fields and shot him twice with a pistol. After the shots were fired, local whites ran from their homes with pistols and shotguns.
Orlampa, Florida: In October 2006, the gift shop, formerly located at the Orlampa Citrus Packing House, moved to its new location at I-4, exit 44. The gift shop offers soft serve orange ice cream, made with Orlampa's fresh squeezed juice as well as fresh citrus and Florida souvenirs.
Shibushi, Kagoshima (town): Shibushi (志布志町, Shibushi-chō?) was a town located in Soo District, Kagoshima, Japan.
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Cahit Külebi: Cahit Külebi (b. 1917 – d. June 20, 1997) was a leading Turkish poet and author. He has an important place in contemporary Turkish poetry due to his attachment to folk poetry traditions. His poetry is enriched with simple yet ironic language, embellished with original descriptions.
Guilherme Oliveira Santos: It has been speculated that he could soon be playing for the Premiership[citation needed]
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Champa rice: Champa Rice is a quick-maturing rice that can allow two harvests in one growing season. Originally introduced into Champa from Vietnam, it was later sent to China as a tribute gift from the Champa state.
Pete Atkin: The Midnight Voices mailing list has now been replaced by an online discussion forum[1] with multiple subject areas.
Richard Badew: Richard Badew (died 1361) was a Vice Chancellor and Chancellor of the University of Cambridge in the 14th Century. He was responsible for the foundation of University Hall, Cambridge (now Clare College) in 1326.
No. 2 Flying Training School RAAF: No. 2 Flying Training School is the main flying training school of the Royal Australian Air Force. It is located at RAAF Base Pearce, in Western Australia. The unit operates a fleet of Pilatus PC-9 trainers.
Adrian Empire: The Adrian Empire (sometimes known as Adria) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the study and re-creation of Western European culture in the years 1066 to 1603 (coinciding with the Battle of Hastings and the death of Elizabeth I of England).
The Best Hits (Enrique Iglesias album): The Best Hits is the second greatest hits album released by pop singer Enrique Iglesias in 1999. The album was released by Fonovisa after Iglesias had left them and signed with Interscope. Unlike a similar album Bailamos Greatest Hits released a few months prior contained mostly songs that were released as singles. The album did include album tracks such as "Volvere", "Si Juras Regresar", "Cosas del Amor" and "Falta Tanto Amor".
Lawrence Shulman: Lawrence Shulman (born May 17, 1937) is the former Dean of the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. His scholarship covers the subfields of group work, supervision, child welfare, and teaching. Among his books are:
Eleutherodactylus brevifrons: Eleutherodactylus brevifrons is a species of frog in the Leptodactylidae family. It is endemic to Colombia. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist montanes, subtropical or tropical high-altitude shrubland, subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland, rivers, pastureland, rural gardens, and heavily degraded former forest. It is threatened by habitat loss.
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Elizabeth Rather: Elizabeth Rather is the co-founder of FORTH, Inc. and is a leading expert in the Forth programming language.
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